In Response to 13 Reasons Why

With thousands of people talking about the Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’, we here at Hope Coalition have a number of interesting articles that have appeared and we feel helps further the conversation in positive ways:


In Response to 13 Reasons Why

Right now, thousands of people are talking about the show 13 Reasons Why. We’ve heard stories of people asking for help for the first time, and stories of people who had to stop watching because the show was too triggering for them. We’ve heard from parents asking if we think the show is appropriate for their son or daughter. We’ve heard from people who loved the show, and we’ve heard from people who hated it….READ MORE



Concern Over ’13 Reasons Why’ and Potential Negative Impacts

“13 Reasons Why” is a Netflix show about a teen girl named Hannah who dies by suicide. Mental health experts argue that its depiction of her death could do more harm than good for vulnerable young people….READ MORE

Talking Points on ’13 Reasons Why’

Here are some talking points about 13 Reasons Why put together by 2 organizations that deal with suicide. Please use them, if you want to, when speaking with anyone about this Netflix series…READ MORE