Legislation – House Bill 1140 PASSED

Sponsored by Senator Linda Newell (D-Littleton) aims to lower the suicide rate by encouraging hospitals to educate patients & relatives of patients who have attempted suicide about prevention before they leave the facility.

Colorado law designates the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment as the coordinator for suicide prevention programs throughout the state.

This legislation will direct the Office of Suicide Prevention within the department to encourage the hospitals & treatment facilities that it licenses to provide suicide prevention information to help keep suicide attempts from happening again.

The HOPE Coalition will participate in providing materials and resources for this purpose.House Bill 1140 PASSED

Pictured L-R: Representative Matt Jones, a sponsor of the bill, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Kathy Valentine & Susan  Marine,  HOPE Coalition, Senator Linda Newell, a sponsor of the bill and David Simon whose proposed the idea for the bill.