I was selling a sofa bed and received two enquiries which wanted me to pay money into an account which they alleged to have paid into my PayPal to also pay for delivery. Find Reviews Filter. Please make sure to contact our Support Team via HelpCentre, they will help you. What UTTER GARBAGE!!! Shpock Reviews. Prefer eBay. if buying a phone. Not happy the buyer wouldn’t respond to my messages and shpock don’t release money until buyer accepts is satisfied and reports once that’s done payment is released. Since you have given the review, refresh that same page and scroll down to check if you can still edit your review. Hi Mrs Ward, Thanks for your review and for taking the time to leave us feedback. Cancel Confirm. Full of scammers. No other motive. I've been using Shpock … I tend to assume most older stuff, especially large items, are long gone and I just browse on newly listed. I have been using Shpock for over a year. According to Shpock when an item is listed “buy now” and is purchased on this basis, the buyer’s payment is safely pending until a positive feedback is posted. DO NOT SHOP FROM THIS SITE IT IS FULL OF SCAM ARTISTS TAKING PEOPLES HARD EARNED MONEY. A lot of scammers on the platform. I reported them to Shpock but got no feedback. User’s like you are super important to help keep Shpock a safe place to buy and sell. You can always report to us if you go to my Shpock … I also payed payment protection. Poor reason in my eyes. It’s hard enough to make money in 2020 and then you’ve got people like this holding onto your hard earned money so they can make a quick buck of your sale. AVOID! E.g. Put money on another drone. The people i had upset were obviously other handymen who didnt like what i was doing so complained. What’s the point of messaging me if I can’t reply!!! Updated 28 Aug 2020. In my case had to report to shpock as buyer wouldn’t reply they then got in touch after few days money was released. Don't bother looking anymore as you have to choose a category and select distance now every time. This site is rubbish would not let me get money out my wallet and then just took the money dose not answer you avoid do not use this site there are many better ones I will never use agine nor will friends and family Rubbish site don’t use, Thougt this would all be straight forward HAHAHA!!. Could have used a black bag & tape. Search job titles. Shpock.com seems to be down. Full-time, Part-time ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Share your items, invite and follow your friends or other Shpock users. Believe all the bad reviews, got scammed on here, paid for items that never arrived and Spock do nothing to stop the scammers on there from selling. Becoming more popular since its launch in 2014, customers are flocking to the site and app … Hi Oh, Thanks for your review and taking the time to leave us feedback. I got scamed and trueted app protection but there is no respound from them at all after 5 working days. Had to get the money back which could take 5 days. | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 2,430 I love shpock but yes, you do have to keep an eye on listings as they are frequently left ignored. Informed the support team and they were scammers. Shpock have no department or system in place for helping users who are scammed. I tried to message her but only received repeated message asking me to send the goods as she had already paid into some holding account. Read employee reviews … Used delivery service first time. SHPOCK is the car boot sale app that allows users to buy, sell or give away items in your local area. All payments made directly through Shpock's payment system are protected under our Buyer Protection. How quickly does Shpock respond to customer queries? People not paying for goods when they have proof they are conning others and people agreeing to buy several items and then not getting back to you. Full-time, Part-time ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Gave them 2 stars because they did remove an unjustified negative review. Problem resolving for a collection deal. Cancel Confirm. It was so frustrating!The final nail in the coffin is that today when I attempted to get a refund from P2G and THEY SAID THEY COULDN'T BECAUSE THE PACKAGE WAS IN TRANSIT.IT WAS "IN TRANSIT" FOR 1 1/2 MONTHS! Jean M. Shpock, 71, of Freeland passed away Thursday in Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Twp. I got a seller (who from this point will be called Lisa H.) who was interested in purchasing this gift for her child for Christmas. Secondly, request for a review modification by clicking resolve now at the top … We either got reminders to get back to them with updates or vague messages telling us to do things we have already done. Once you withdraw your earned funds into your bank account, Shpock hold it for an additional 5 days so they can accumulate interest on it. The app is so stuffy , my iPhone 11 struggles after few minutes of browsing , is starting getting very hot then crashes , same experience I have using an iPhone XR .