It represents ELA’s ongoing effort to draw on all available sources, including thousands of interviews and discussions, to tell the continuing story of the city’s many languages and cultures. And then there are areas in which the community can hardly speak or understand English. For these New Yorkers, interacting with City Government can often be a challenge. He also was a popular three term mayor of New York City from 1934 through 1946. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021, How Many Languages Are Spoken In The New York Area, The Boroughs of New York City – NYC Boroughs Map. They were the first ones to build a non-English speaking enclave in the US, which was known as Little Germany. A recent Census Bureau report notes that in the United States, the number of people speaking a language other than English at home increased by 140% over the last 30 years, with at least 303 languages recorded in this category. To see the most and least common languages spoken in the city, WNYC constructed the helpful chart below: Download. New York crams almost that many into a single city. Although there are various varieties of Chinese, the majority speaks Mandarin. Germans have been in NYC for a long time now. Different surveys have indicated that New York is the home to as many as 800 languages. Scope: population of the United States and New York. Over the last decade the city has been growing faster than the region. The New York City Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In Flushing, the most often heard Chinese dialect is Mandarin, whereas in Chinatown people tend to speak Cantonese and Fuzhounese, largely based on where new citizens herald from (Mandarin is spoken more in northern China, while Cantonese and Fuzhounese are of the south). Much of the data on this site are primarily drawn from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2012-2016 American Community Survey. Languages in New York, New York (City) Where Are the Charts? Here are the top languages spoken in New York City: South Asians constitute a significant percentage of the city’s population. Spanish is the most common language spoken at home in several neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and northern Manhattan and Queens. The number of Chinese citizens living in NYC is quite high, that’s why there is a Manhattan Chinatown there. The diversity of NYC is not going to go away. The American Community Survey is a massive annual effort by the Census Bureau to measure various aspects of American life. Based on the 2013-2017 American Community Survey, the number of LEP individuals who speak one of the top six languages are: Spanish: 1,249,541 However, such areas are rarely visited by tourists. Total Percent Total Percent Total Percent Total 7,873,602 100.0 Total 1,321,262 100.0 Total 2,402,727 100.0 Indians and Pakistanis make up most of the South Asian American citizens. There are regions of New York dominated by Russian speakers, even though the language is only spoken in 1.35% of homes. Many cultures tend to inhabit certain neighborhoods of the New York area, such as Russian immigrants at Brighton Beach and Chinese people settling in Flushing. As many as 800 languages are spoken in New York City, and the borough of Queens has more than anywhere else, according to the Endangered Language Alliance. With a population of nearly 20 million and more than 400 years of history, especially a long history of immigration of people from around the world, it's no surprise the New York metro area is home to native speakers of more than 800 languages. In close Chinese communities, Mandarin is the only language used for communication. If you are interested … Languages in New York (State) Language Spoken At Home#1. Almost 20 million people live in the New York metro area, speaking a total of over 800 languages. Although the flow slowed down somewhat in the last century, it picked up the pace again when internal conflicts destroyed the home of various Arabians. There are a few native vernaculars that they speak, but most of them aren’t heard on the street. What is the Difference Between the Vatican City and the Holy See? The most renowned Russian neighborhood is Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, which was a popular landing place for Jewish Russians in the 1970s, though there are high numbers in Riverdale and Pelham Parkway (in the Bronx) as well. But very few know that around 800 different languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world. They all celebrate various cultures and speak unique vernaculars. New York City was home to over 8.3 million people in 2019, accounting for over 40% of the population of New York State and a slightly lower percentage of the New York metropolitan area, home to approximately 23.6 million. It is our differences that we must be celebrating instead of trying to discard them to adjust in the world. New York City Languages: Just 51 Percent Of New Yorkers Speak Only English At Home (INFOGRAPHIC) Considering that New York City is one of the most diverse places on the ... Spanish and Chinese are, unsurprisingly, the leading second tongues of the Big Apple. Chinese-speaking immigrants can be found scattered throughout New York, but are found mainly in the Queens neighborhood of Flushing, where many recent immigrants have landed, as well as Chinatown in Manhattan. One can find people from different cultures in New York City. Its neighborhoods and communities take pride in their unique culture and heritage, with a rich history of migration and adaptation heard through the varying tongues of its people. Spanish falls into second place with almost 20% of New York area residents speaking the language at home, though like English it has taken a few twists and turns. He served as a United States Congressman from 1917 to 1919 and again from 1923 to 1933. They have adapted the American values and can hardly be distinguished from the English-speaking citizens of New York. Little Italy and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx are still predominantly Italian, while boroughs that used to be made up of Italian communities like Brooklyn have seen a decline in their Italian population. Other tongues spoken by a significant number of New Yorkers include Japanese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Polish, and Russian. Today, most Italian speakers can be found in Throgs Neck, Staten Island, and Italian Harlem. There are a few neighborhoods where outsiders may have trouble getting around because of the lack of locals who can speak English. New York United States 0% 5% 10% 15% Count Spanish Chinese 1 Russian Italian Haitian Dutch et al. There are cities famous for their architecture, while some are known for their natural beauty. There are around 106,000 people who chat in French Creole, another 81,000 who speak French, and 186,000 Russian speakers. The close-knit communities of Arabs also don’t speak in English much, but the younger generations are adapted to the modern vernacular quickly to adjust in the foreign land. English is predominantly spoken in nearly 65% of New York area homes. Over 5.5 million people living in New York speak a language other than English. Click on the tear drop for each language where different languages are spoken most in New York City. Even London “only” has around 300 different languages. English has also played a role in changing the way Spanish is spoken, often peppering the language with pronouns, which are often omitted in its natural form. Agloe was created as a ‘copyright trap’ created to catch anyone who copied their maps. Click on a specific district to see what languages are spoken most in that Council District. NYC is known as a place where people from many different countries live, and the diversity of languages is impressive. The nationals of Syria and Lebanon make up most of the Arab citizens of the US. The city is divided into different boroughs, and the primary tongue in most of them is not the same. One reason behind that is the many immigrants who have made the city their home. At Brighton Beach, the Russian culture and language is so predominant English is often viewed as the foreign language by its residents. If people of eight hundred languages can live and thrive in NYC, so can the rest of the world live in peace with its different cultures and vernaculars. The earth is huge and full of mesmerizing sites. While the language has evolved in the US and taken on roots, influences, and nuances of its own, it still stems from its British settlers in the 1600s and is the most prominent language in the United States with more than 239 million speakers. There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City. If you have friends in different communities, you will get plenty of invitations throughout the year. With 1.2% of households speaking Italian most often at home, the language claims the number-six spot for top languages spoken in the New York metro area, though the number of true Italian neighborhoods appears to be on the decline. These are the six most commonly spoken languages in the New York metro area, according to census data. Some of these people are not familiar with English or refuse to speak it unless they have to. Calling all … Among many other things, respondents are asked if they speak a language other than English at home, and if so, what language is spoken. New York metro area At least 192 languages are spoken at home. Here’s a breakdown of languages that could be heard in some of NYC’s boroughs. Africans make a considerable percentage of America’s population, but most of them speak the official tongue of the US. There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City.