Did you like this list of fun facts about France? The Pyrenées are the longest mountain range in France. Fun France Facts With a WOW Factor You Need to Read to Believe France Has Over 400 Different Varieties Of Cheese. Over 700 million snails and 80 million frogs are consumed in France annually! This supercentenarian from Arles, France outlasted her daughter and grandson by a few decades and died on 4th August 1997. It is similar to cutting down a protected tree species. Some of the sites in France include the Roman ruins in Arles, the Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay, the 13th-century cathedrals (Chartres, Amiens, and Bourges), the Papal Palace at Avignon, the Pont du Gard which is a Roman aqueduct from the 1st century and so many more. 4. This leads the way in tackling a bit of the world’s starvation problems. It’s at the doorstep of Avenue Victor Hugo and within walking distance of many attractions. This distress code comes from the French word that means help me, M’Aide! If you're curious to know more about the history of the French Revolution, you might also want some interesting facts to go with it! 1. More people speak French in Africa than in France! But did you know that horsemeat, frogs’ legs, and snails are also quite common to eat? Following the Norman Conquest, French was the language of the King and Court from 1066 to 1362 (that's about three hundred years). Beloved Paris was a Roman city originally. More than 25 percent of its territory is covered with forest, and another 50 percent is countryside or farmland. 8. Child Beauty Pageants Are Illegal in France. 13. And macarons, how can we forget macarons aka macaroons. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world. The name France comes from the Latin word Francia, which means 'country of the Franks'. More should! It’s the land of romance after all. The accolade stands. The French army was the first to use camouflage. Embrace the French "joie de vivre" with these fun facts about France. 21 weird, strange, crazy, funny and unusual French laws and why they exist. French Guiana is a French Overseas Territory on the northeast coast of South America. France welcomes some 89 million visitors annually; Spain comes in second place with some 82 million visitors, while the USA comes in third with 78 million. So if you’re thinking of visiting France, here are some fun France facts for you to enjoy. Of course, the hexagon only covers the mainland – let’s not forget Corsica and France’s overseas territories! That’s France! With over beautiful 32,000 villages, it is difficult to choose which to visit without knowing some facts about France. Another France interesting facts that you may have already known is that there are 17 regions in France for wine production. The camera phone was invented in France. No one in recorded history has had a longer lifespan yet. These six countries, which are also known as the “Inner Six”, are comprised of West Germany, France, … (when they are not driving, of course). But Louis too had to sign, and 20 minutes later was no longer king. 49. Top 9 fun facts about the French Revolution *Written by Matthieu in November 2017 and edited/updated by Arielle in November 2019 The French Revolution was a period of time in France when the people overthrew the monarchy and … 4. French food is loved and praised all over the world, for good reason! And the seeds of uncertainty were sown…. The shortest reign as a king of France! Since French writer Sully Prudhomme won the first ever Nobel Prize for Literature in 1903, the country has taken the accolade a further fourteen times (the USA and Great Britain come in second with twelve prizes apiece). In the United States, it only concern ed 14% of the … When all of France’s possessions around the world are taken into account, including French Polynesia, French Guyana,... 3. Made of a denser and less flaky dough, the kipferl later crossed the border to France and became the famous croissant. All the more important it is, to book your ticket ahead of time. Move over, snails. Maybe because trains in the earlier days waited for everyone to get on board. Italy stands at 54, China 5 and Spain 47; while France and Germany are tied at 44 each. It seems fitting that a country that loves food as much as France should be the first to pass a law making throwing away good food illegal. The land of love and light, the land of wine and cheese, the land that trumps all other lands as a tourist holiday destination. How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese? Over 400! Of course, you need permission from the French president for this. Mont Blanc rises 4,808 m (15,774 ft) above the sea level and it’s located in the French Alps, close to the border with Italy and Switzerland. Chateau de Breuil in Cheverny is a charming 18th-century Chateau very close to Cheverny, Blois and Chambord castles. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2020 Apa Digital AG, all rights reserved. The French are the highest consumers of cheese on the planet, with almost half the population eating the stuff on a daily basis. Use Rough Guides' trusted partners for great rates. The world’s most prestigious cycling race was first held in 1903. Take a look at these 19 interesting and fun facts about French Guiana. In this case, their … Doesn’t everybody? 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom If you’ve mastered snails, move on to frog’s legs! France Has Over 400 Different Varieties Of Cheese, The Woman Who Lived The Longest Was French, French People Are Considered As Sexually Liberated, There As An Association Of The Most Beautiful Villages In France, France Is The Most Touristy Country In The World, France Was The 1st Country to Ban Throwing Away Of Excess Food, The Highest Mountain In Europe Is Located In France, There Are 44 UNESCO Heritage Sites In France, French People Refer To France As L’Hexagon, The Country’s Famous Landmark Has Been Destroyed Recently, The Shortest Reign Was King’s Louis XIX, Lasting A Whole 20 Minutes, World’s Famous Landmarks Are Created By French, You Can Feel Like A King By Laying Your Head In A Chateau For The Night. France has lots of land area to provide habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals. Comment and let us know! Yes, one of the France facts is that under French law, you can marry your partner after they are dead if you can prove that you intended to marry while they were alive. In France, eggs are brown, but in most other countries, they tend to be white. 20. One of the interesting facts in France is the high number of UNESCO heritage sites. The baker would therefore reserve his loaf by turning the bread upside down. Vive la France! Still, it’s no mean feat. One of the awesome France facts is that in 2016, the country banned its food stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets from throwing away excess food. Even though the colonial times are long over, France still has 13 overseas territories, each of them with different levels of autonomy. The only other person who almost caught up with Jeanne was Sarah Knauss from the US who lived to 119 years and 97 days. The game is played by two or more children, even alone. What other interesting French facts should be on here? 15. An amusing fact is that the official language of United Kingdom was French for as many as 300 years. 7 Très Interesting Facts about Canadian French. France has a land area of 547,000 square kilometres, making it the largest country in the EU. Southeast France’s Mediterranean coast is known as the French Riviera or, in French, Côte d’Azur France’s nature and wildlife. France is sometimes known as “The Hexagon” due to the fact that it has six sides. Ever wondered why the deep kiss is called a “French kiss”? 9. They may surprise you. So here’s an interesting facts of France; Plus Beaux Villages de France is an Association that lists 157 of the most beautiful villages, from La Romieu to Charroux. There are 195 countries in the world. Required fields are marked *. Snails – or escargots – are a popular French delicacy, traditionally served as an hors-d’oeuvre with garlic butter. Tuck in and discover it yourself, like on this wine and cheese tasting tour from Bordeaux. Ten fun facts about France. La semaine is the outdoor game in French. Want to learn some interesting facts about the countries of South America? The Louvre in Paris is the most visited art museum in the world. So once King Charles X signed the abdication document on 2nd August 1830, Louis became king. The Montgolfier brothers were the first to launch a hot air balloon in France. Most were worn below the knee, stretching to the ground. Champagne, Burgundy and Chablis, for instance, are all home-grown. There is nothing more delicious than a simple baguette with cheese, and it is one of the many delights of visiting, and living in France. Check out the features here.-> Chateau de Breuil in Cheverny, Located in the heart of Cour-Cheverny, halfway between Blois and Chambord, the Relais des Trois Chateaux was founded in 1850. The average French citizen eats 500 snails each year. 10. The Tour de France cycle race has been running for over 100 years. While kilts are synonymous with Scotland, similar garments were in fact worn in a number of different countries across the globe, including in early France. France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and Mediterranean beaches.