In the lesson about conditional statement, we said that the symbol that we use to represent a conditional is p → q. each conditional is true . d.) Eating ice-cream is sufficient for me to be happy all day. if the Converse is also true,combine the statements as a biconditional. write its converse . If the converse of a conditional statement is true, then its inverse is also true, and in fact the inverse is just the contrapositive of the converse. Write that as BARKING -> ~BITE Then use the rules: 1. Ex 14.4,2 Write the contrapositive and converse of the following statements. e.) It is not necessary to understand things to argue about them. Two other variants of a conditional statement are not logically equivalent to the statement. If x < 30, then x < 20; true. Conditional: If… If 5x – 1 = 9, then x = 2. If the converse is true, combine the statements and write then as a biconditional statement. If x > 20, then x > 30; false. If x < 30, then x < 20; false. If x > 30, then x > 20; true. Determine the truth value of each conditional and its converse. Given a conditional statement, the student will write its converse, inverse, and contrapositive. An integer can be even or odd but it cannot be both. and thanx! Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of the following conditional statement If a dog is barking, then it will not bite. 4 Writing the Converse and the Inverse Write the converse and inverse of each of the following statements: a. To form the converse conditional of a given conditional, exchange what's on the left of the -> with what's on the right. )Write the converse of each of the following statements: a.) If a conditional statement is true, then it's contrapositive is also true, and visa-versa, as the contrapositive of the contrapositive is the original statement. If it rains, then I will stay at home. Writing the Converse, Inverse and Contrapositive of a statement Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive for each of the following conditional statements. If the converse is false, write a counterexample. Solution for Determine whether each of the following statements is the converse, inverse, or contrapositive of the given conditional statement. (a) If \(a = 5\), then \(a^2 = 25\). D) mc043-4.jpg 16. (v) x is an even number implies that x is divisible by 4. 1] if X=12 then 2x-5=19 2] if X=3 then | x |=3 3] if x= -10 then x^2=100 please explain and help me !!! (c) If \(a \ne b\), then \(a^4 \ne b^4\). f.) If x > 5, then X is red. Write the converse, inverse and contrapositive of the following statements-If today is Sunday, then it is a holiday. B) If n = 17, then mc043-3.jpg C) The converse is not true. I will dance only if you sing. If n = 17, then mc043-1.jpg A) mc043-2.jpg if and only if n = 17. (b) If it is not raining, then Laura is playing golf. 1. 9/3/2019 2 3 The Converse and Inverse of a Conditional Statement The fact that a conditional statement and its contrapositive are logically equivalent is very important and has wide application. ... Converse Statement-If you will pass the exam, then you are intelligent. Counterexample: x = 25 and x < 30. b.) Write the converse for the following statement. by the way x^2 means x … Write the converse of the following true conditional statement. Write the converse and contrapositive of each of the following conditional statements. 7. (d) If \(a\) is an odd integer, then \(3a\) is an odd integer. 6. (But do not NEGATE either one.) The converse of p → q is q → p as illustrated in the figure in … The converse of this conditional statement is: If you can drive a car by yourself, then you have a driver license. This statement is not in if-then form Writing in if-then form This statement can be written as “If x is an even number, then x is divisible by 4”. a) If I receive a scholarship, then I will go to college. Converse: Inverse: Contrapositive: c.) Eating ice-cream is necessasry for me to be happy all day. Counterexample: x = 27 and x > 27.

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