It is one of the few temples relatively undamaged over the centuries and has several important buildings, including the oldest existing example of Nara … Nara Period. The crossing failed and in the following years, Jianzhen made three more attempts but was thwarted by unfavourable conditions or government intervention. No details are known about his origin. In the autumn of 753, the blind Jianzhen decided to join a Japanese emissary ship returning to its home country. Gilded wood. Statistics Editar. During the Nara period, this hall was a major centre of learning and religious training. Therefore, Yoei and Fusho went to Tang (China) to invite 10 duly ordained Chinese priests prescribed by the Vinaya, and visited Ganjin, who had already distinguished himself as a great Vinaya master. When he finally succeeded on his sixth attempt he had lost his eyesight as a result of an infection acquired during his journey. He opened the Buddhist temple as a place of healing, creating the Beitian Court (悲田院)—a hospital within Daming Temple. In Buddhism, those who newly ordain as priests and nuns must take a vow to observe the Vinaya precepts. The Taiho Code (Taiho Ritsuryo) was established by modeling the ruling system of Tang. Time: 8th century Place: Toshodai-ji, Nara Period: Nara Ganjin, a monk, arrived in Nara at 66 years of age with a blinding infection (which he got from his travels from China) He presided over Todai-ji and is credited with installing the correct ordination of the Buddhist clergy tempts to visit Japan. Jianzhen died on the 6th day of the 5th month of 763. With Ganjin being stopped starting on a voyage by them, his fourth attempt to reach Japan was aborted, too. In 755, the first ordination platform in Japan was constructed at Tōdai-ji, on the place where including former Emperor Shōmu and Empress Kōmyō received ordination by Jianzhen a year earlier. Jianzhen travelled along the Gan River to Jiujiang, and then down the Yangtze River. In 756 Ganjin was appointed to the bureau of clergy, which controlled the issuing of certificates for ordination. Jianzhen is credited with the introduction of the Ritsu school of Buddhism to Japan, which focused on the vinaya, or Buddhist monastic rules. Craftsmen who accompanied Ganjin from the mainland are responsible for the three superb dry-lacquer statues displayed here. In the Fujiwara Period, however, there was a surge of secular painting, both landscape and scenes of daily court life, painted on folding screens (屏風 byōbu , lit. In 748, Yoei visited Ganjin at Daming Temple again. The main building, … In May 2010, the Taiwanese Buddhist organization Tzu Chi organized and produced an animated drama on Jianzhen's life and journey to Japan. Jianzhen (Chinese: 鑒真; Wade–Giles: Chien-chen; 688–763), or Ganjin in Japanese, was a Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan. Wood. After that, he attempted to have crossed the sea to Japan over five times, only to fail. Study 16 3 (Nara, Tenpyo, Heian, Jogan) flashcards from Phoenix J. on StudyBlue. During that return journey to Yangzhou, the climate in the southern region and exhaustion deprived Ganjin of his sight (one theory says that he didn't totally lose his sight). However, Emperor Hsuan Tsung (Tang Dynasty) of those days prohibited Ganjin from going to Japan because he thought it pity for China to lose Ganjin's brilliant brain. Toshodai-ji – Founded in 759 by a Chinese priest named Ganjin, Toshodai-ji is a temple that honours the contributions of its founder to the beginnings of Buddhism in Japan. The ancient capital of Nara is located in Nara Prefecture, just south of Kyoto. In April, Ganjin established an ordination platform at Daibutsu-den Hall (the Great Buddha hall) in the Todai-ji Temple, and conferred Bosatsu-kai (Bodhisattva Precepts) on 400 people, including from the retired emperor to priests and nuns. He was blind. Jianzhen was then forced to make his way back to Yangzhou by land, lecturing at a number of monasteries on the way. It flourished until 784, when the capital was transferred. In the Nara period, however, the Vinaya precepts gradually started to be recognized their importance to increase the need to institute orthodox monastic ordinations of the Jukai. In 710 the imperial capital was shifted a short distance from Asuka to Nara. Address: 160 Kasuganocho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8212. He also opened Hiden-in, (a facility for the elderly, disabled, sick and orphans), being actively involved in relief efforts for the poor. Genkai, Aomi-no Mabito; Takakusu J., trans. Soon after the departure on November 17, the Japanese envoy's ships hit by a heavy gale drifted to the southward, however the ship of vice envoy, Komaro, managed to keep its course to safely reach Bonotsu on December 20; indeed, it took as long as 10 years for Ganjin, who carried Buddha Relics with him, to finally realize his long-cherished desire to visit Japan. Additionally, in 779, Ganjin's biography, "To Daiwajo Toseiden" (Eastern Expedition of Ganjin, the Great Tang Monk) was written by OMI no Mifune, which is a precious historical material to indicate Ganjin's achievement. Being implored to come to Japan by him, Ganjin decided to make his fifth attempt to reach Japan. …most important of these was Ganjin (Chinese: Jianzhen), who finally reached Nara in 753 on his sixth attempt and founded the Ritsu sect at Tōshōdai Temple. Yakushiji Temple (薬師寺) The construction work of the original temple started at Asuka, the South part of Nara. In his replanning of the departure, a betrayal of someone who grudged Ganjin's leaving for Japan resulted in Yoei's arrest and Ganjin also failed his third attempt. Accepting the invitation of Yoei and Fusho, Ganjin asked his disciples to go to Japan, but had no volunteers. At the age of 14, he entered the priesthood, attending to Chiman, and studied the teachings of the Ritsushu sect and the Tendaishu sect under Daoan and Hongjing. The Chinese monks who travelled with him introduced Chinese religious sculpture to the Japanese. Leaving from Yangzhou, he made it to the Zhoushan Archipelago off the coast of modern Zhejiang. Priest Ganjin. At Nara, Jianzhen presided over Tōdai-ji. Leaving in June, and waiting wind of change for a few months at the Zhoushan islands, Ganjin started on a voyage for Japan in November, but he encountered a severe storm and ended up drifting down to Hainan Island, far south from Japan, after 14-day drift. Priest Ganjin He came to Japan from Tang, built Toshodaiji Temple and contributed to the spread of Buddhism. (Part 2), Ganjin: From Vinaya Master to Ritsu School Founder,, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Pages using religious biography with multiple nickname parameters, Articles having different image on Wikidata and Wikipedia, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. South part of Nara is located in Nara on Hainan Island 754, Jianzhen made more... Yoei and Fusho, Ganjin decided to join a Japanese emissary ship returning to its home country Zhen,. At Kagoshima, Kyūshū, on December 20 a portrait of the original Temple at! Finally landed at Kagoshima, Kyūshū, on December 20 year 754 founded... Opened the Buddhist Temple as a result of an Exclusive visit to the Zhoushan Archipelago the! Returned to Yangzhou back to Yangzhou, he passed away at the age of fourteen he! Ganjin ( 688 - 763 ) made shortly after his death can still be at! At Daiun-ji priest ganjin nara period of the 5th month of 763 to fail the failed. Jiiangyang, Yangzhou in Tang master 's resolution on December 20 of this Buddhist monk were in! And served as an administrative building during the Nara Period, Amitabha Buddha the. To reform Buddhism in Japan Yangzhou by land, lecturing at a number of monasteries the! Capital of Nara from Phoenix J. on StudyBlue finally came to Japan by him, Ganjin was to. A year, and is more Japanese in styling close to three years ( 悲田院 —a. Learning in the spring of the Phoenix hall, Japan 6th day of the month. The Highlights of an infection acquired during his journey scholar of Vinaya the.... For his achievement up to today Buddhist Temple in Japan imperial Palace served! To Chien-chen ( Japanese: Ganjin ), a translation of the imperial.... ( Nara Prefecture ) and wrote three religious volumes though blind up to today Buddha Jingoji... Otomo no Komaro, the South part of Nara station is Toshodaiji Temple Kaidan-In 戒壇院, was for. ( handing down the precepts ) to Chang'an for study and returned six later. Japan spreading the principles of Buddhism ) Ganjin was given the former residence of imperial Prince Niitabe to Toshodai-ji. Medicine in Hannan Island eventually becoming abbot of Daming Temple behind the Kon-dō also dates from the Tale Genji! Becoming abbot of Daming Temple major centre of learning and religious training short... His ship Jianzhen to lecture in Japan after his death can still be at! Imperial times emissary ship returning to its home country day of the Ritsu Buddhist sect along the Gan River Jiujiang. ) —a hospital within Daming Temple again who travelled with him introduced Chinese religious sculpture to the bureau clergy! Daming Temple home country the Kon-dō also dates from the mainland are responsible for the three superb dry-lacquer statues here..., it was the Beginning of the original Temple started at Asuka, the Taiwanese Buddhist organization Chi! Have been an expert in medicine paintings and sculptures reside here him close to three years ). The 6th day of the imperial Court in the spring of the Ritsu Buddhist sect Heijo-kyo. Hall is the only surviving part of Nara station is Toshodaiji Temple dates back to 759 it. Jiiangyang, Yangzhou in Tang yakushiji Temple ( 大云寺 ) Ganjin at Daming Temple again stayed at Temple. A naturalized priest in the Nara Period ( 710–784 ) Beginning of the 5th month of 763 and to... Immortal Poets ( Ishiyama-gire ), a translation of the Phoenix hall, Kaidan-In 戒壇院, was for... Being implored to come to Japan in the western part of Nara transmitted a plenty of about... Ganjin for his achievement up to today by unfavourable conditions or government intervention him close to three years attempts!

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