HOPE Coalition of Boulder


We are a community that is rocked to the core because some of our children and adults have felt so hopeless that they have ended their own lives. We are grieving. The HOPE Coalition of Boulder County was formed in 2005, so that we, as committed citizens, could work together, reach out, and understand the stressors in today’s society that have triggered an epidemic of depression. We want to instill in all the people of our community that they can ask for help without fear of shame and we want to give them the necessary resources to do it. We believe that with proper attention and intervention, lives can be saved. And it takes a community.

We envision a community where:

  • There is no stigma about depression.
  • Community members are able to identify depression early.
  • Seeking help is viewed as a sign of strength.
  • Suicide is no longer considered a solution.

Our mission, therefore, is to educate, engage, and empower people of all ages about depression awareness and suicide prevention in order to save lives.

Our core beliefs are:

  • It's okay to talk about depression and suicide.
  • Talking leads to action and risk reduction.
  • Emotional healing is always possible at any age. 


Lifting the Veil; A Journey of Hope & Empowerment
Originally aired on Mon. Feb. 7, 2011